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Penobscot Bay Brewery Tasting/Sampling

Hope to be able to see you soon.  Cheers!


Our brewing history and info:
It was started in January 2009 and our first batch was bottled on March 17th,  St Patty's Day. 

Old Factory Whistle Red Ale - It has 6.2% ABV/IBUs 25. and is our signature ale and is patterned after red ales that have a rich Scottish heritage.  This ale utilizes crystal, pale, chocolate and Munich malts with a dose of roasted barley resulting in a complex mixture of the toasty flavors of caramel malt and sweetness, and a classic rich red color.  English Kent Golding hops add to the depth and help produce that pleasing balance.  Our following batches have been well received and enjoyed.   
Old Factory Whistle Red Ale - 3 Long Toots and You're Done For the Day.
Fan's comments - "My wife and I were in Bath visiting a week ago and I saw your Old Factory Whistle Scottish Ale and bought a bottle to try.  Now that we are home and the bottle was drained, I surely wished I had purchased more.  It is an excellent beer.  Now I have to wait another year before I can have more."

Whig Street Blonde Ale - It has 4.2% ABV/IBUs20.  We have a beer that's great for summer but refreshing any time.   It's name is derived from the street that our building is on in downtown Winterport but it's character is taken from the soft and delicate flavors and aromas it has.  The artwork on the label, done by our daughter-in-law Rachael Anderson is evocative of a summer night walk and a cool refreshing drink to enjoy with it.  The taste is uncomplicated and clean,  It is made from pale malt, a handful of malted wheat and finished with Perle hops for bittering and Cascade for aroma.  It's an easy drinking, comfortable ale for those lazy days and laid-back nights.   Fan's comments - "I found your Whig Street Blonde Ale...and, wow, I'm a fan!!"   "Awesome beer"

Half Moon Stout.  It is at 5.5% ABV/IBUs 44 and is based on a old porter recipe described as brave, proud or "Stout".  A one hour mash of pale, crystal, chocolate and wheat malts, and a large portion of roasted barley yield this dark, full-bodied stout with a heavy aroma of fresh roasted coffee.  The mild Fuggles hops balances the bitterness.  It is smooth and has a long lasting creamy head - an outstanding stout.

Meadow Road Wheat Beer.  5.4%ABV/IBUs 12
This brew is true to the Hefeweizen tradition of being unfiltered.  It uses only malted wheat, lager malt, a top fermenting Bavarian yeast, and is lightly hopped with Tettnang.   It has a beautiful medium-golden yeasty haze with a bright palate.  The nose has notes of clove and honeysuckle coming through.   Fan's comments - "Possibly the best hefe I've ever tasted!"

Red Flannel Brown Ale - 7% ABV/IBUs 42.  A hearty, full bodied Brown Ale from a "keeping ale" recipe.  Mostly Pale malt but full bodied and flavor from the Special B.   Roasted Barley and Munich for color.  There is a sweet aroma followed by rich malty flavors with added notes of Perle hops for bittering.   Best enjoyed slowly and at cellar temperature.

Humble B Honey Ginger LagerHumble B - 4.9%ABV/IBUs 14.2.  This spiced lager is our version of a "Light Munich" or pale lager.  It was slowly fermented and then cold conditioned for months before bottling.  Made with lager malt, a touch of wheat, ground fresh ginger, and local Winterport honey.   Lightly hopped with Hallertan and Tettnanger which are noted for lower bitterness and more aroma thus allowing the spice from the ginger and the sweetness from local honey to fill the glass.  

Wildfire Rauchbier - 5.4%ABV/IBUs 25.8. This lager blazed on the scene just in time for the barbeque season.   It's done as a Marzen style lager with a smokey, malty flavor.  The smokiness and color of Wildfire comes entirely from using only specialty grains.  Weyermann Rauchmalz for the signature flavor, Munich for body, Cara-Pils add richness and Carafa deep color.   Serve with bold, full flavored foods such as smoked pork, ribs, sausages and steaks. Fans' comment - "This past summer, during a visit to Monson, Maine, I had the pleasure of eyeing a familiar name printed on one of your bottles in a gas station.  Since Germany, Bamberg specifically, I have not run into a worthy and comparable rauchbier,  that is until Wildfire Rauchbier."

Building 5 Rye IPA -  7%ABV/IBUs 71.5. It's great hoppy flavor is complemented with the smoothness of the rye. Copper color, explosion of aromas and flavors of dry hopped  with local Cascade hops.  Fan's comments -  "I just purchased a bottle of your (rye IPA)....Outstanding! I'm a California resident, and enjoy a truly good beer, for which I have many criteria.  This may be one of my favorites!!"

Mountain Man DIPA -   9.5%ABV IBU 100+
It was brewed with Warrior for that pronounced hops and then dry hopped with Simcoe, Centennial and Chinook for the flavor as well.   Fan's comments - "Man, that's a great brew!! - The first DIPA I can actually drink the whole glass - very smooth but flavorful."

Brownie - Chocolate Milk Stout -  5.25%ABV/IBU 41
This is a sumptuous delicate chocolate milk stout that's sure to please your palate with upfront cocoa flavor richness from Ghana cocoa nibs.  It's creamy, stightly sweeter with milk sugar for texture and mouth feel.  There's a brown cow on the label - because chocolate milk does come from brown cows, right?? Serve with chili, Mexican mole, or your next batch of chocolate chip cookies!!